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Our Curriculum

Our program was carefully designed to cater to children 18 months to 4 years old.  Our curriculum is based on the progressive Reggio Emilia Approach originated in Northern Italy. We view children as teaching partners and encourage child-initiated activities that allow children to learn about the world through inquiries and self-exploration. At Tiny Bumblebees we have made it our passion to develop a program that embraces children's joy for discovery, learning, and wonder.  

We base our curriculum on 5 developmental domains:

Literacy and Language Development

Involves reading circles, singing songs, encouraging children to express their feelings, thoughts and ideas.

Social and Emotional Development

Involves settings that support cooperative and individual play, materials to engage in dramatic play to allow sharing, problem-solving and expressing their emotions.

Cognitive Development 

Refers to the growth of mental process and change in a child's ability to think, reason, and understand. Involves science experiments, sensory activities, presenting their ideas through drawing, offering choices, practicing shapes and colors. 

Physical Development

Promotes healthy exercise and development of the large and small muscles. Lengthy outdoor activities will increase your child's strength and muscle coordination. Lacing, cutting, and painting will support small muscle movements and promote pre-writing skills. 

Music and Expressive Art Development

Instruments and dance will support children's passion for music. Dancing will encourage balancing, spatial awareness and expressing emotions. Indoor and outdoor art will allow children to make connections with the world and express themselves. 


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